10 Simple Ways to Make Designs Unique

Designing something completely unique may seem like an impossible challenge. With the fashion industry so saturated with imitations we feel that designers need to be looking at different ways to set their products apart. We want to be mindful about the brands that we create and showcase, which is why we only present authentic brands that have their own identity and originality. Here are our 11 simple ways to make your product unique- because nobody really needs to copy!


Using a contrast colour binding to finish swimwear can be a great way of adding a luxe, sporty appeal that helps to set the garments apart. You could choose a bright, bold contrast colour to make a statement, or a classic black for that sophisticated, timeless appeal. Either way, contrast binding definitely helps to make garments stand out, and this bikini from Deakin and Blue is a great example of that.

Deakin and Blue Making Design Unique


Adding a unique tie-end design to swimwear pieces can give the garments a really playful, feminine edge. These fun details will make the pieces really recognisable and help the design to feel really fresh and original. Nikki De Marchi uses unique tassel tie-ends to bring more colour into the design, giving the bikini a memorable twist- and aren’t they sweet!

Nikki de Marchi Making Design Unique


If prints aren’t your thing, you could consider using embroidery to add an artistic detail to the collection. Embroidery has a high-end appeal that looks super luxe- particularly on swimwear. You also have more freedom with embroidery to create a design that doesn’t look too uniform, giving it more of a creative edge. This gorgeous swimsuit from Anemone is decorated with small embroidered narcissus flowers.

Anemone Swim Making Design Unique


Why should lace be reserved just for lingerie?! There are lots of laces that can be used for swimwear, and the soft femininity that it gives the swimwear feels really unique. It could also mean that the bikini tops are worn as soft bras too! Product versatility is one of the keys to sustainability- so having different ways to wear your swimwear is always a plus. This luxurious set from La Michaux uses lace panels to create something really beautiful and delicate.

La Michaux Making Design Unique


Piping is a great was of adding texture to a garment whilst maintaining a strong luxury aesthetic. The subtle line details give swimwear a hint of detail and a luxe finish. This bikini top from Peony uses a really subtle and elegant piping detail over the bust.

Peony Swimwear Making Design Unique


Making your collection stand out doesn’t have to mean bright colours and bold prints. Sometimes a more effective way to give your products a memorable edge is to connect with the customer on a more personal level. Using unique product messaging can be a great way to communicate with your customers and create an affinity based on the brand values. Aurum Activewear are a brand who do this really well, their ‘LOVE . KINDNESS .  STRENGTH . CONFIDENCE . JOYFULNESS’ brand messaging is printed onto the inside of garments, like a private mantra for the wearer.

Aurum Activewear Making Design Unique


Unique prints are an amazing way to make your collection really stand out. Whether you’re into florals, graffiti, abstract design or something completely different, the possibilities with print are endless. Find a print that reflects your brand identity and make it something really recognisable as your own. Andrew and Cole are a men’s beachwear who’s innovative prints build their brand identity and make their collections look really diverse. 

Andrew and Cole Making Design Unique


Creating texture by weaving and manipulating fabric can completely change the look of a garment, without making any changes to the shape. Using texture can be a really strong point of difference and make your collections look super fresh and modern. This swimsuit by Clube Bossa uses fabric weaving to create texture and give the swimsuit a high-end appeal.

Clube Bossa Making Design Unique


Using high quality, branded hardware can be such a great way of incorporating branding into the product without taking anything away from the overall design. Whether this is done subtly or as a statement feature with unique shapes, branded hardware can give swimwear a really luxury finish. You just can’t beat the sun reflecting off metallic hardware on the beach! These La Michaux bikini bottoms feature a simple, branded metal tag for a really chic finish.

La Michaux Making Design Unique


Not all swimwear needs to be practical, some pieces can just serve their purpose of looking stunning whilst you’re lounging by the pool. By adding accessories such as belts, pleats, ruffles or plaits to swimwear designs can create all of the drama that you want. Bonus points for making the accessories removable for wearability! This Solid and Striped swimsuit is a total classic, but the statement belt transforms it into something new and exciting.

Solid and Striped Making Design Unique

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