Designing A Fashion Print

Creating a unique print can be a very time consuming process, but it can really help to make your swimwear stand out in a crowd. We asked one of our designers to outline the key processes that go into creating an original print, to give you a little behind the scenes of how we work!

Looking for fashion print inspiration building a collection
Finding Inspiration
Designing a print often starts with an initial idea or concept. This could be anything from a general mood or feeling, to something more specific like an animal print or a particular shape. At this first stage, we begin to gather images and put together a moodboard full of inspiration, including photographs, sketches and colours. Once this board is complete, it should convey the overall feeling that we want from the print and give us lots of different ideas to explore within the concept.
Colour Palettes

Next, we take any initial colour ideas from our moodboard and look at the trend forecasting for the season that we will be releasing this collection. Trend forecasting is an industry platform that allows us to look at the top colour trends for each season, so that we know in advance which colours are going to be big. This helps us to make an informed decision about our colour palette. Once we have found a trend colour palette that works with our concept, we can select the Pantone references and add them to the moodboard.

Drawing Fabric Design
Drawing the Design
Usually starting with initial hand sketches, the next stage of creating the print is to begin drawing out the design. After sketching out some different design ideas, we work as a team to decide which design style will look the best on our swimwear. Once we have decided on the design, we can begin to add in the detail and draw the pattern out digitally, creating a seamless repeat that will allow us the print the pattern onto the whole width of fabric. We will also begin to think about the scale of the print, how big or small it needs to be to create the most impact and show all of the detail, and how we are going to incorporate the colours. Once the pattern is fully coloured and scaled to the right size, it is ready to send to the fabric printers.
Testing the Print

So this is where it gets really exciting! We send our files over to our fabric printers, to get a small sample at first which will allow us to test the print and check that the colour and scale are just as we want them. Our prints are all digitally printed in the UK. Digital printing is the sustainable way to dye fabric because it uses half the ink of screen printing methods and much less polluted water is washed into drains! Digital printing doesn’t require screen washing or colour changing, it uses about half the amount of water, and carbon emissions are reduced further because there are no screens to transport for printing, everything is done by email!

If any changes need to be made to the print, then we send over an edited file for another small sample. But if we are happy with the print, then we can place the full order for the collection, ordering only as much as we need to fulfil our orders- we don’t want any waste!

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