11 Of Your Swimsuit Struggles Solved

We’ve all been there. Just when you think you’ve found the perfect swimsuit, you have a wardrobe malfunction as soon as you try it on. Thankfully for every swimsuit struggle, there is a solution. Here are some useful swimsuit tips and tricks we’ve learned from experience to make your life a little easier. 

Struggle: Need to find a sturdy swimsuit that will stay in place even when playing sports

Solution: Look for swimsuits with a higher neckline and built-in support that fits snugly to minimise movement in your bust area.

Swimwear suggestion: Deakin and Blue Swimcrop Bikini Top in Mint Blue & Teal (£70) with the High Waisted Bikini Bottoms in Mint Blue (£40). This Deakin and Blue bikini top has a lower cut under the arms to maximise your range of motion when playing sports and reduce chafing.

Struggle: Need to find a swimsuit that won’t give you uneven tan lines 

Solution: Look for a bandeau style top as this eliminates any tan lines from straps. Avoid any styles with cutouts, especially around the bust or midriff area.

Swimwear suggestion: Stay Wild Swim Sierra Bikini Top (£50) and Sierra Bikini Bottoms in Khaki Green (£50). This Stay Wild Swim bandeau top can also be worn tied at the front to avoid having a tan line that goes straight across the chest.

Struggle: Strapless bikini top that doesn’t stay up

Solution: Opt for a strapless bikini top that is underwired or has rubber around the edges to prevent it from slipping down. You can even size down to ensure a more secure fit.

Swimwear suggestion: Emily May San Marco Bikini Top in Nero Espace (£150). This Emily May bikini is underwired for added support and also comes with detachable straps. 

Struggle: White/ light coloured swimsuit is seethrough when wet

Solution: Before buying a swimsuit, check the material to see if it is lined. Try holding it up against a light to see if it is see-through.

Swimwear suggestion: Broochini Azzurra Swimsuit (£210). All white and light coloured Bodywear Lab and London Contour Experts swimsuits like this one have three layers so you won’t have to worry about any slip-ups! 

Struggle: Swimsuit doesn’t provide enough support for larger busts 

Solution: Look for swimsuits that have built-in support or underwire. You can also choose a swimsuit that has thicker straps for extra support.

Swimwear suggestion: Deakin & Blue Plunge Bikini Top (£70) and Regular Bikini Bottoms in Willow (£40). The ‘Hendricks’ style offered by Deakin and Blue caters to bust sizes F-HH cup. The bikini top features a plunging neckline whilst offering support without the need for an underwire. 

Struggle: Swimwear doesn’t enhance a smaller bust

Solution: If you’re looking to enhance your bust, look for a bikini top that is lightly padded with halterneck straps that can be tied to create lift.

Swimwear suggestion: Poolside Gossip Joy Bikini Set in Yellow (£200). This vintage-inspired bikini top features a sweetheart neckline which will flatter your bust area. 

Struggle: Triangle bikinis always moves around

Solution: Opt for a bikini that has a fixed band at the bottom instead of the adjustable stings as it will stay in place all day.

Swimwear suggestion: Stay Wild Swim The Nerida Bikini Top (£70) with the Bikini Bottom in Navy (£70). This triangle bikini from Stay Wild Swim features an accent colour blocked panel on the band for a pop of colour. 

Struggle: Need a one-piece that can be worn in different ways outside of the pool

Solution: Choose a swimsuit that has intricate details or embellished features so it is undetectable as a swimsuit when worn under a flowy skirt or fitted trousers.

Swimwear suggestion: Five PM Swimwear Asteriae Swimsuit In Patagonia Blue (£195). This gorgeous Five PM swimwear one-piece features an Intricate mesh panel with glitter trim swimsuit making this an elegant piece that can easily be transformed into an evening look.

Struggle: High waisted bottoms sag in the back and end up looking like a diaper

Solution: To avoid the dreaded bikini bottom sag, pick a high waisted bottom with secure seams around the edge that will stay in place. Bodywear lab also has designs with a ruched bottom to prevent sag. If you are unsure of what size to get, size down as swimsuit material expands when wet.

Swimwear suggestion: Arabella London The Modern Bustier Set in Bonbon Pink (£295). This Arabella London set features seamless but secure edges on the bottom that will sit securely all day. 

Struggle: Swimsuit bottoms riding up in the back and in the front 

Solution: To prevent your swimsuit bottoms riding up, look for bottoms that have a rubberised edge that will stick to your skin and remain secure in place. 

Swimwear suggestion: Emily May Dorsoduro Bikini Bottom in Bianco Biarritz (£80). All of our Bodywear Lab and London Contour Experts Clients swimsuit bottoms have a rubberised edge on the leg and on the waistband.

Struggle: Wanting a more modest option but still wanting to be stylish 

Solution: When looking for a modest option, experiment with prints and bright colours to add interest to any swimsuit. You can also further accessorise with a sarong or a semi-sheer robe.

Swimwear suggestion: Cossie + Co The Edie Colourblock swimsuit in Mint Haze and Cornflower (£140). Modest doesn’t have to be boring with this one-piece from Cossie + Co to give your swimsuit collection a pop of colour. The swimsuit features a straight neckline and medium-rise leg for higher coverage.

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