Colour Tips and Tricks: How to use colour to flatter your figure

Somehow August has snuck up on us. We must finally admit, summer is here. Whether you were the queen of lockdown and stuck to all your home workouts and are ready to flaunt yourself this summer, or if you spent a little more time on the sofa watching the workout like it was the next episode of Normal People resulting in some added curves, everyone deserves to feel their best in their swimsuits this year.

One of the best tricks to make you beach confident is to style your swimsuits based on colour. There are many ways in which colour plays a part into how we look.

Are you warm or cool toned?

Tip: Assess whether you are warm or cool toned.

Trick: Study the underside of your wrist and determine whether the veins are blue/purple, meaning you are cool toned, or green/yellow meaning you are warm toned. 

Once you have addressed your warmth or coolness, you are able to consider the best colour match for your skin. As is predictable, cool-toned people suit cooler colours. For example, blues, hot pinks and brighter, stronger colours. It is you that can pull of the neon pinks and greens. Silver is your metal of choice.

Swimsuit suggestion: These two contrasting pieces from Stay Wild Swim, suit two different skin tones. The bright red with navy stripe suits the cooler toned and the khaki/olive green a warmer tone.

Stay Wild Swim Model Bright BikiniStay Wild Swim Colour Tip Green

Patterns and Blocks

Tip: Contrasting colour blocking. A bright white or pastel top contrasted with black bottoms, or the darker colour counterpart, is a great way to minimise the appearance of hips.

Trick: Nobody has the same body type and none of us will fit into the ‘ideal’ size. But the main rule is, the places you wish to conceal use darker or subtler colours. Contrast this with the places you want to show off with the brighter tone of the same colour.

Swimsuit suggestion: This super flattering, bright and blue, two toned one piece from Deakin and Blue uses the subtle darker shade of blue in the places that might want to detract attention, so as to flatter the wearer as much as possible.

Deakin and Blue Colour Block

The Mark you Want to Make

Tip: Colour is a way to express your personality through your clothing, and your swimwear. Whether you want to make a statement, or blend into the background, your swimming costume colour can say that for you.

Trick: If you want to draw attraction bright and bold colours that are still within your suited colour scheme are the best to make yourself stand out on the beach and allow you to successfully flaunt everything you love. If you would prefer to blend in whilst still looking flattered by your costume, neutrals of brown, navy, black or white are your best choice.

Swimsuit suggestion: These two identically styled swimsuits from Jua June say two very different stories. Whilst both are flattering and sexy, the brightness of the pink draws attention in a way the black does not.

Broochini Dark Cut Out SwimsuitBroochini Red Cut Out Swimsuit


Tip: Neutrals. If you are wanting your paler skin to appear more tanned, the more contrast with your skin tone the better. And again, if there a points you are wishing to conceal more then darker shades are the best choices.

Swimsuit suggestion: Broochini’s super flattering one piece, especially the LUNA Swimsuit, with its neutral tones would be our recommendation for those not ready for the bold colours.

Broochini Neutrals


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