Have you ever experienced those red marks from your bodywear after a long day? With a quickly dispensable culture prevalent in fashion today, it has become all too common for clothes to be made without a second thought for the comfort of the wearer. Lingerie too often gets made with pokey wires, tight straps or extra material in all the wrong places, and that is really not the look that any of us were going for…

Most of these problems occur from a lack of consideration or brands trying to cut costs and shortcut the process of production without realising the discomfort they are inflicting.

At Bodywear Lab we have an experienced team of experts who know just how irritating it can be to have uncomfortable bodywear. It takes time and expertise to understand how to cut and source the perfect materials, so as to avoid these nightmares seen below! We thought it might be useful to highlight some of these main issues and explore how to avoid them when shopping.



Red strap marks are definitely a reoccurring nightmare. They are the bane of a summer dress! When all you want to do is enjoy the sunshine in comfort you instead have to deal with these pesky red stripes. The problem stems from a misunderstanding in bra construction. Bra bands should provide at least 80% of the overall support. It’s a myth that its ok for bras to be uncomfortable, if made correctly, bras should be comfy and well supported. As a result of this, the red marks will disappear. With over a decade of experience, our professionals know how to create support and source the right materials, so wearing clothes all day long is enjoyable and you don’t have to worry about any discomfort or awkward red lines appearing through light clothes.

Red strap marks on shoulder from a black bra


Similar to strap marks no one wants the red marks and irritation caused by pokey wires pressing against the skin. Hurt lines are annoying and will definitely scare you off a product for good. So, what’s the best fix? A combination of good materials and selection of ideal wires will easily eliminate this problem. At Bodywear Lab we have a dedicated sourcing team who use their knowledge to ensure that all items are made from the best quality materials and components, therefore avoiding this nightmare altogether.

Red hurt lines from lace black lingerie set


It’s not easy to find the perfect fitting bra or bikini top. Especially today, when so many clothes are bought online, it becomes increasingly difficult to gauge how exactly an item might look, when you haven’t yet tried it on. The gaping cup is a very common problem. It’s said that 80% of women in the UK wear the wrong bra size and this just goes to show how difficult it is to achieve an ideal fit. But bad bra fit isn’t always down to buying the wrong size. Have you ever bought a few bras from the same company, in the same size, yet still they all fitted completely differently? We’ve all been there! Creating a great fitting bra is no easy feat, that’s why our design and pattern cutting teams have spent years perfecting the perfect fit. Bodywear should fit you properly and it’s so important that you feel comfortable in your own body.

Gaping cup on white bra


This world-famous issue has caused many an awkward encounter. It seems a simple request for clothes to be comfortable and cover you properly yet too often shoppers have ended up in a state of embarrassment and discomfort. Thanks to poor pattern cutting and fitting this issue has plagued many customers globally. At Bodywear Lab our experts have years of experience and know exactly how to avoid these sorts of issues. Although it may seem like an easy-fix, perfectly sitting bodywear can be very hard to come by. This is due to the fact that it takes a certain level of expertise to know how to cut and fit materials to achieve a balance across the body.

Brown activewear


This nightmare is another that is all too common. Often witnessed in swimwear which has to repeatedly get wet and dried the last thing you want is to lose a part of your bikini thanks to bad fitting. A smooth silhouette and careful grade testing are key to ensure that your swimwear fits across a range of different sizes. At Bodywear Lab, we have multiple fittings on different sizes across all products, so that you don’t have to worry about the embarrassment of losing part of your bottoms!

Neon yellow bikini


The ugly stepsister of the ‘gaping cup’.  The gaping underarm is another example of poor pattern cutting and fitting in product development. It is essential for bodywear to fit firmly and contour the shape of your body. We understand these fundamentals in fitting and know how to make a bra or bikini shape that works with the body. After all, nobody wants to be swimming in material before they even reach the sea!

Bright pink laced lingerie set


Another nightmare symptom of poor design and manufacturing is the bra wires not sitting flat. A seemingly obvious mistake can cause immense discomfort to the wearer and scare you off a product for good! A misplaced wire is normally the result of poor pattern cutting, bad fit and not enough support in the band. The bra wire should sit flat against the chest, not lifting away from the body and not digging into the skin. Buying cheap bodywear that isn’t made to fit properly is really not worth the pain!

Black lace lingerie set


Avoid investing in bodywear which will leave you irritated, uncomfortable and potentially embarrassed. Sometimes even after paying a high price your garments can be disproportioned and painful to wear, it’s much smarter to skip the issues and go straight to the experts who can provide a considered and well-crafted item of clothing.

Especially in the UK, after waiting months for nice weather it seems a shame to allow design shortcuts to disturb your summer. Book a fitting appointment and we can help you to find the perfect pieces for your body shape!

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