How to pick the perfect men's swimwear based on your Body Type

There are multiple different varieties of body-type for men. This can be tricky when approaching swimwear, but knowing your body type and following this guide to help your choice, can mean you remain body confident on the beach no matter what shape or size you are.


The Dad Bod has become a classic description for men who have had less workout opportunities and therefore have a less toned tum. You are more of a middle ground for male body-types, perhaps not as lean as you once were, and you want to feel more relaxed and comfortable in your swimwear.

Your celebrity lookalikes are:

Leonardo di Caprio, Jason Segal and Pierce Brosnan.

Our swimwear choice for you:

Mr P. Shell Patterned Tie Elastic waist shorts. The pattern keeps this look fun and still expresses your personality, whilst the fit is super comfortable and won’t be restrictive for whatever beach activity you might have planned.

Nord Storm’s ‘Baggies’ 5-Inch Swim Trunks. The baggier fit for the potentially baggier stomach, these swimshorts are slightly longer and have comfortable room to move about. The elastic waist band produces a flattering cut on the tummy and the pattern is made from small, slightly darker colours which minimise rather than accentuate. The best part? They are sustainable produced with 100% recycled Nylon.

Dad Bod Swimwear Outfit Inspo


This describes those who leaner and taller. Again, you might not be as toned, but you don’t struggle to look slimmer than others. Therefore, you want swimming trunks that flatter your height without exaggerating it, nor your size. Horizontal stripes and bold patterns are a good choice for you, along with a boxier cut short.

Your celebrity lookalikes are:

Andrew Garfield, Russel Brand and Benedict Cumberbatch

Our swimwear choices for you are:

Andrew Cole’s Triangle Swim Shorts in Light Blue. These shorts have the bold pattern that flatter the skinnier body type, and a draw string tie so that the waist won’t budge as you move around. The slightly A-line cut of the short mean that they don’t cling to the legs and consequently mask the size of them

Bluemint Arthus flamingo print swim shorts. The navy blue backdrop of these shorts make them less bold than the others from the collection, whilst still having a fun pattern on them. The boxy cut of the shorts has a similar effect of the a-line cut, of an outwards appearance to the lower body and consequently less slimming. The tie waist is another factor that makes this a good choice for the slimmer bodies, but it is important to check the length of the inseam depending on the length of your legs.

Lean Bean Swimwear Outfit Inspo


Also known as ‘the strong man’, this body type is usually on the bulkier side but all muscle. This body type is often associated with rugby player builds, or NFL players. It is probably in your interest to draw attention to the muscle but have swim shorts that do not restrict your movement. This is why block bold colours with stretch material might be a go-to choice for you, perhaps on the tighter side just to prove you never missed leg day.

Your celebrity lookalikes are:

Zac Efron, Owen Farrel, Tom Hardy

Our swimwear choices for you are:

Vilebrequin short and fitted stretch solid swimming trunk. The bright colour of this short type draws attention to you on the beach, and the tightness of the fit will show off the muscles you’ve got, yet the stretch material won’t restrict you from your everyday activities.

Bottega Veneta classic swim shorts. They provide a mid-length silhouette but still provide the enough attraction from the boldness of the colour to draw attention to what you’ve got. The elastic waist allows for a large amount of movement.

All Jacks Swimwear outfit inspo


You are probably a similar size to the all-jacks, but a little more beer than muscle. Because of your larger size darker colours or smaller print patterns are a stylish choice that also minimise the appearance of certain areas. Additionally, a longer length style will flatter you, and can allow you to wear you swim shorts in and out the pool.

Your celebrity lookalikes are:

Seth Rogan, James Corden, Boris Johnson

Nord Storm the Baja swim shorts. These tick all the boxes for the husky body type, they are longer in length whilst still not slim fit and so won’t restrict movement, they are darker in colour to minimise attention to unwanted areas, and are a draw-string waist so to adjust to your body.

Versace Branded Waistband swim shorts. These swimming trunks are again, longer in length, but they have a very slimming fit due to the tailoring of the shorts. If you are more of a bubbly person colour is a great way to express that. Just because you are on the bigger side does not mean you can’t flaunt yourself and your personality. The amazing orange colour of these shorts show off a bit more of a bubbly personality whilst the cut being more slimming.The Husky Swimwear Outfit Inspo


You aren’t a bulky as the all-jack, but you’ve got the tone just on the leaner side of the spectrum. This means that you suit most swimwear types, as well as most patterns. The world is your oyster when it comes to swimwear, and so we advise you try to incorporate personality into your choice of swimwear. Whether you are a more dark and brooding type of guy feeling like the darker colours, or you are the loudest lad at the pub and so go for big patterns, you can insert this in your swimwear choice.

Your celebrity lookalikes are:

Daniel Craig, David Beckham and Brad Pitt.

Our swimwear choice for you:

Katama Jack Trunks in Navy Blue. This fit of short is more tailored, which is flattering for your body shape. The button waist is more like the kind of regular shorts, meaning they can be worn for multipurpose activities. The navy blue is a go-to colour for the more shy male and is very flattering against your toned figure.

Orlebar Brown Setter short-length swim shorts. Like the all-jacks body type you can get away with shorter shorts, as well as better tailoring. These tailored shorts from Orlebar Brown are new to their collection and likely to be just as popular as their Bulldog shorts. The bright colour of the short will allow you to convey a brighter personality, whilst remaining stylish.The Athlete Swimwear Outfit inspo

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