Swimsuit Styling from Beach to Bar

Ever feel that your brand-new swimsuit is not given enough appreciation? Because you feel you must limit its wear to the beach or pool only? It is time you started recycling your swimsuits to double up as bodysuits and nightwear!

Whether it is for a beach day, a pool-side drink with friends or a glamorous dinner by the sea, incorporating your swimwear as a statement part of your outfit means you can stand out, and allows for a seamless transition into the water, without the faff of the changing room.

Another bonus? It expands the outfit opportunities of your wardrobe! 

So, how is it done? We have decided to put together a few outfit combinations to help inspire you when deciding.

#1 Daytime baby pink chic

DayTime Baby Pink Collection Outfit inspo

The gorgeously detailed one-piece designed by La Reveche can be paired with some cute relaxed two-toned jeans from Acne, or (for the warmer days) Goldsign denim Bermuda shorts that are Net-Sustain approved! Glam up with some Hermes white Bikini Sandals and accessories to match!


#2 Comfy beach babe

Comfy Beach Babe Collection Outfit Inspo

If it’s the beach you are headed to, this handmade, underwire bikini top by Agua Bendita not only provides the extra support you need to swim, but suits being worn with a midi skirt (we picked this cute one from Prada). A full brimmed hat at the ready and a basket tote are more fashion essentials that keep you looking on trend and allow a little bit of practicality to your beach look!

#3 Cocktail Hour Approved!

Cocktail Hour Approved Collection Outfit inspo

If you are looking to slightly glam-up your Agua Bendita bikini, matching it with some wide legged, high-waisted trousers and a blazer can turn your beach look into a simple, but statement, outfit that is suitable for drinks with the girls! Make sure to glam it up with some chunky gold rings and these (very appropriately named) Marteeni sunglasses.

#4 Keeping it cool

Keeping it Cool Swimwear outfit inspo

Like many of the fashion community, Bodywear Lab are loving the inclusion of belts and loops this summer season. Alexandra Miro’s Whitney swimsuit in Cornflower gives enormous retro-vibes and the white belt with rose-gold hoop gives a very elegant contour. Keeping it tonal, flared white tailored trousers and cornflower mules make this outfit subtly elegant whilst showing off the costume.

#5 Keeping it warm

Keeping it Warm swimsuit style inspo

This orange off the shoulder one-piece Dore can be both sexy and chic. Bermuda shorts are here to solve all our styling problems. Coming back from the beach and wanting to remain comfortable but still looking together, these are a great choice. Match with some gold hoops and a blazer for a casual lunch look. We also love this basket bag from Cult Gaia!

#6 Date Night Contrast

Date Night swimwear outfit inspo

For a sexier evening look, pair the TeaYou Gia Bikini with a sheer blouse and leather high waisted shorts to achieve this look. Add a pair of black and white Illsteva 90s style sunglasses to jazz-up the look.

#7 Evening Glam

Evening Glam swimwear outfit inspo

Working a sexy, black, wet-look one-piece from La Reveche, with these sexy white, sheer trousers from Net-A-Porter makes a great evening combination. The swimsuit is made to fit any bodytype to be flattering, which we think is essential! A pair of square-toed mules and some elegant gold jewellery, with pearl detail make this a killer evening time choice.

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