The Real Value of Sustainable Swimwear

Shopping sustainably doesn’t need to be difficult. Over the last fifteen years, the number of garments being bought has doubled, but we are wearing them 1/3 less than before.

Shoppers are looking for ways to be more conscientious about what they buy and the main things to look for are simple: garment quality, ethical production and sustainable materials.

Of course, there are many other sustainability aspects, but these key points are a great place to start.

We wanted to provide a place where you can buy unique swimwear collections, that are made to last, locally in London, from quality sustainable materials.

As an eco-conscious team, it has always been really important to us that Bodywear Lab was designed to be as sustainable as possible.

Our pre-order system allows us to know the quantities we need before we begin manufacturing, so we can significantly reduce waste by only making what has been sold.

We can source, buy and manufacture without waste, only printing the amount of fabric that we need and not being left with any excess stock or materials that can’t be used. This system also means that all of our collections are super exclusive and unique! Many of us use fashion as a form of art, or a way of expressing ourselves, but every year 53 million tons of clothes produced end up in landfill, and that is hardly a beautiful picture. We wanted to build Bodywear Lab to be a solution to that problem.

Every piece of swimwear ordered through Bodywear Lab is made by our expert team, in our atelier in central London.

Because our swimwear is made in London we can ensure that our workers are paid a fair wage and given a proper work/life balance, and we have complete control over the quality of our swimwear. And isn’t it great to know exactly who made your clothes!

Our team work closely together and have a great work environment, which we are very proud of.

As well as creating local jobs and having a close relationship with our makers, manufacturing in London means that we don’t have to ship stock from overseas, keeping our air and oceans cleaner.

We source our raw materials from Europe, so the only impact of shipping is from there and delivering to our customers; we want to keep our socio-economic and environmental impact to a minimum.

Selecting sustainable fabrics is one of the key factors in helping to turn the fashion industry into a more circular system.

Nylon, the material most often used for swimwear, is essentially a form of plastic- and we all know that there is already enough plastic in the world!

So, we choose to use carefully considered fabrics that are environmentally friendly as well as being super soft, UV protective and resistant to pilling, chlorine and sun creams.

The main fabric used in our collections is made from ECONYL® regenerated Nylon yarn, which is recycled from industrial waste. ECONYL® transforms discarded fishing nets, fluff from the top of carpets, and tulle (amongst other things) into a yarn with the same qualities, but recycled!

On top of this, our fabric suppliers work with fishing communities, helping to reduce ocean pollution and protect sea creatures- something that is very close to our hearts.

We don’t think that it should be difficult to find out where and how your swimwear is made.

Now is the time for us to work together to bring positive change, and we will continue to strive to be better.

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