Value for Money, Why Sustainable Shopping Works

Time has run out for both brands and consumers to stay blissfully unaware of the impact of unsustainable and unethical fashion. The 'sustainable' collections by fast fashion companies aren't even close to doing enough, so don't buy into their greenwashing. Here are our tips on how to look for brands that are truly sustainable, and why buying from the right places is really better value for money!

What can you do?

Look for the brand’s transparency of their supply chain. 

The reasons for this are simple
  1. Knowledge of where clothing comes from means the company cares how your garments are sourced
  2. An understanding of each process a piece of clothing goes through and how much waste, energy, and water is being consumed. 
  3. If there is a problem within the supply chain then the brand has an awareness of it, and consequently a grounding to improve it. Without this knowledge, the problem could continue.
  4. They have input in the creating process and can therefore be flexible in how they adapt to the changing culture and climate.
  5. They will know the workers and factories, and consequently an understanding of how they conduct their staff. 

Brands that take these steps are already making big steps towards a more sustainable overall outlook.

The Real Cost of Sustainability

By now, you might have done some research into small retailers and sustainable fashion options. You might be wondering why sustainable products are significantly more expensive than others available on the market. Buying better quality garments results in a longer dress life because it is less likely to become damaged. By wearing a piece of clothing for 9 months longer you reduce your carbon footprint by 30% and doubling the amount you would originally wear an item of clothing will reduce the greenhouse gas emissions by 44%. This practice is made possible with clothing that is unlikely to let you down due to low quality. In this instance it is better to splash out on price, to then result in a higher quality garment and better environmental impact.

Cost Per Wear

But when you look at the cost per wear of your item, you will find that spending more on a swimsuit will be cheaper in the long run.

Let’s assume you go on 4 holidays each year and bring 3 swimsuits, purchased at the Bodywear Lab, to use by the seaside, at a spa or in the pool. You wish you could wear all 3 garments all the time because they are your perfect match, flattering you in all the right places and they make you love your swimsuit body! 

Not only that, but they are made from ECONYL and through the website you have learnt about Tony who expertly designs our bodywear and Ewa, the lovely lady who made your garment. These swimsuits cost you £150 and you know they are sustainably made as well as stylish.

So let’s say you will probably end up wearing each of our sustainable swimsuit pieces 3 times over a holiday. What is the cost per wear?

Your cost per wear works out to be £12.50. If you are able to keep your swimsuit for a few years, due to its durability and quality of fabric, this number reduces. So, buying less, higher quality swimwear not only keeps you looking your beach best, but it will last much longer, and you will get much more for your money! You are reducing your personal carbon footprint through regular wear, have an understanding of the manufacturing process of your swimsuit and are remaining sustainably minded even when relaxing on holiday!

Calculate your own personal cost per wear using this calculation! Remember to incorporate how regularly you go away and how many other swimsuits you would bring with you.

If you are interested in learning more about sustainability and brands who demonstrate sustainable practices, check out our LAB Sustain brands.