Brands of Tomorrow is a unique marketing opportunity for our brands to produce exclusive collections that we unite with Global retailers.

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As part of Bodywear Lab Sustain, we have launched Brands of Tomorrow, a unique marketing opportunity where we will select a limited number of brands to unite with GLOBAL retailers such as Selfridges, Harrods, Harvey Nichols and Net-A-Porter. If we select you to become part of our Brands of Tomorrow, you will have the opportunity to produce an exclusive sustainable collection which will then be presented to top UK retailers as part of our Bodywear Lab Sustain edit.

Bodywear Lab has formed a collaborative partnership with a Mayfair-based sales agency, where we will work together to introduce our favourite sustainable collections to market. We select brands that we are extremely passionate about, that are not only sustainable in their product processes, but are also authentic in their business practices.

If you are a brand interested in becoming a Brand of Tomorrow, read on to find out more!

Designing your collections locally with our team of experts creates a strong, sustainable business model; as well as being extremely convenient! Our team of designers work hand-in-hand with our sales and marketing department to ensure that your products are not only beautifully designed, but that they also have a strong marketing story that will help you to stand out and generate sales.

Lab Sustain Pop-up

Your Limited Edition collection will be showcased and distributed through a pop-up page hosted on the Bodywear Lab website, as well as gaining much exposure in the sales showroom and being pitched to high-end retailers such as Selfridges, Net-a-Porter and Harrods. Bodywear Lab will manage the collection design, manufacturing and sales operations, so that you can focus on promoting the exclusive new collection!

In-store Introductions

Working together with a Mayfair-based sales agency, we introduce our favourite sustainable collections to market. Our expert team of buyers and merchandisers will provide industry guidance as we work collectively to design a collection fit for retail.


Your application to feature in Brands of Tomorrow will be assessed by a team of buyers and designers and if selected, you will be required to invest into production of the exclusive collection that will be pitched to retailers in March 2021. The rest we do for love and for free.

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