We are committed to saving the planet and making it an awesome place to live in. We want to share our passion with you and give you the power to make more sustainable choices. By sourcing and working closely with our brand partners, we don’t just find the best, environmentally-friendly products out there, we also encourage our partners to create them.

Our Lab Sustain collections give you the opportunity to shop with confidence. We want you to know that you are helping to make a real difference as a conscious consumer. Let’s change the way we shop!

We are passionate about tackling the problems at the root of climate change. Bodywear Lab was created to encourage positive change within the fashion industry. This is by no means an easy challenge, but through our high standards of sourcing, manufacturing and ethics, we aim to make high fashion, sustainable bodywear accessible to everyone.

We make sure that brands featured on BWL Lab Sustain edit uphold the same standards. We want you to be able to make informed sustainable shopping choices. To support that, we launched the BWL Sustainability Blog where we share our wealth of knowledge and advice with you.

We believe in doing well, by doing good.
We believe in doing well, by doing good.

Supporting Positive Economies

We want everyone that we work with to share our commitments to sustainability and ethics. We hold all of our suppliers, factories and partnered brands to the same standards. By doing this we know that we can trust the companies that we work with. Be sure to know that our high standards run across the board. This means that all of our production lines are transparent. All workers have good living conditions and are paid fair wages.


We are committed to using recycled fabrics wherever possible. Use sustainable fabrics without compromising on quality, functionality and supply chain standards. Our teams work closely together from design, through sourcing, to manufacturing. We prioritise quality over quantity and ensure that all swimwear, lingerie and sportswear pieces are locally made to the highest standard.


We are determined to continue building a diverse and inclusive team of people in all areas of our company. As a team we are dedicated to making the bodywear industry a more inclusive and friendly space. We want Bodywear Lab to reflect this commitment both on and off of the camera. We value uniqueness and individuality and embrace our differences.

Customer Experience

We want to make shopping with Bodywear Lab a unique and all encompassing experience. We made sure you can find all of the information you need to make mindful shopping choices and that you can and truly enjoy the process. We are here for you during every step of the way.

We dedicate our time to offering you one-on-one, digital fitting room appointments. These will allow us to personally help you find the perfect size, fit and style from the comfort of your home. We also send swatches of our materials to allow you to feel the fabric and see the quality for yourself, so that you can have complete confidence in your purchase before placing an order.

We want Bodywear Lab to serve as a solution for anyone who struggles to find sustainable swimwear, lingerie and activewear that they love. Let us help you to find the perfect pieces for you.